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The diversity within the BODCO brand portfolio enables us to cater to consumers around the globe, tailored to a variety of life stages, dietary requirements and price levels.

Our New Zealand providers and packers offer specialist contract manufacturing, helping us build strong relationships throughout the supply chain, from farmer to consumer.



Infant Formula
Products manufactured include Infant formula (0-6 months), Follow-on formula (6-12 months) and Grow-up formula (12 – 36 months)
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Nutritional Powder
Products manufactured include formulated milk powder for juniors, formulated milk powder for pregnant women and formulated milk powder for seniors
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Multifunctional Milk Powder
Products manufactured include Whole milk powder (WMP) and Skim Milk powder (SMP)
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Speciality Milk Powder
Products manufactured include Organic milk powder and Goat milk powder
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Disclaimer for INC Member Website

By clicking 'Accept' you will be able to view information about BODCO infant formula product. By choosing to proceed you accept that BODCO is supplying this information at your individual request for information purposes.

Whilst breastfeeding is the biologically normal method of infant feeding and provides an optimal start for babies, we understand there are circumstances where parents and caregivers may be advised to or choose to either fully or partially feed their child formula. If breastfeeding is not possible, mothers should consult a health professional to choose the next best option. Formula provides a nutritionally adequate substitute for those infants who are not able to access breastmilk.

Any amount of continued breastfeeding will offer protection for the breastfeeding child and mother, such as reducing infection risk. Although many parents combine breast and bottle feeding, doing so in the first weeks of baby’s life may reduce the supply of your own breast milk and reversing the decision not to breastfeed is difficult.

You don't need to follow any kind of special diet when breastfeeding although maintaining a healthy balanced diet in preparation for, and during breastfeeding is beneficial.

Social and financial implications, including preparation time and the cost of formula, should be considered when selecting a method of infant feeding. If you use infant formula you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions - failure to do so may make your baby ill.

For more information on infant feeding please visit https://www.kidshealth.org.nz/tags/nutrition-0-12-months (NZ) or https://www.nhmrc.gov.au/about-us/publications/infant-feeding-guidelines-information-health-workers (Australia).