New Zealand Dairy

New Zealand Dairy

New Zealand dairy products are famous for their quality. The quality comes from healthy livestock that benefit from the region’s pure water supply, lush green pastures and ethical animal husbandry practices.

Dairy farming is New Zealand’s most important economic activity with annual exports in excess of NZ$14 billion. New Zealand leads the world when it comes to dairy, accounting for over a third of the world’s international dairy trade. Around 95% of New Zealand’s milk is exported.

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New Zealand Dairy products feed more than 100 million people worldwide, and the dairy industry contributes 25% of New Zealand’s merchandise export earnings.

In the year ending June 2017, New Zealand dairy companies processed 20.7 billion litres of milk from 4.86 million cows.

Fifty-six percent of dairy herds are in the North Island, with 27 percent in the Waikato, the home of BODCO.

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In New Zealand We Do It All Here With Absolute Care

Strict government controls apply to New Zealand’s food processing and food packaging industries to ensure the safe and hygienic manufacture of New Zealand dairy products.

Our production methods are completely transparent, traceable and officially tested and permitted by the New Zealand government .

All our New Zealand made products are required by law to be rigorously tested and authenticated for consumption by several authorities both here in New Zealand and internationally before any products leave our facility.

We do everything in New Zealand with your family in mind,
from product design, formulation, production to packaging,
– to leave no safety detail to chance.