Our Capabilities

Tailor-made Products

All products are blended, manufactured and packaged in New Zealand in our pharmaceutical grade facility to be safe, pure and contaminant-free.

Our products provide people with a balanced, complete formulation with all the ingredients for growing families.

Designed to meet consumers nutritional needs for all stages of life.

Bodco’s family of brands are made with quality guaranteed New Zealand milk, enriched with key ingredients to support growth and development through every step in life.


  • Development

  • Formulation

  • Production

  • Packaging

  • Shipment

Product Development

As people grow they have different nutritional needs: from the first moments of life, to first toddler steps, and through to active living in retirement. Our dairy technologists develop products that support every vital life-stage, with quality dairy products that provide premium sustenance.


Our ingredients and formulation specialists ensure that each product is designed and tested using the best nutritional ingredients that are specifically matched to the dietary needs of families around the world as nutritional needs can develop and change through life.


Strict government controls apply to New Zealand’s food processing and food packaging industries to ensure the safe and hygienic manufacture of New Zealand dairy products. Our production methods are completely transparent, traceable and officially tested and permitted by the New Zealand government.


Our technical team of dairy engineers have implemented world class packing technologies that can safely and hygienically package our family of brands in both can and flexible packaging varieties. The sizes of our products vary from 100 grams to 2 kilos. All design of our packaging processes are also tested and permitted by the New Zealand government.


All our New Zealand made products are required by law to be rigorously tested and authenticated for consumption by several authorities both here in New Zealand and internationally before any products leave our facility. Our supply chain team specialise in the safe and transparent distribution of our products through our supply networks with absolute care. We do everything in New Zealand with your family in mind, including freight and logistics– to leave no safety detail to chance.

Industry Experts

Quality production methods. Innovative formulations. Transparent distribution networks.

Our team of specialists are experts in the entire end-to-end process from food production design to supply and we are committed to providing our global community of families complete confidence at every stage of production through to the safe, contimination free export.

State of the Art Facility

When it comes to BODCO’s supply chain our global community of families can be assured our products are manufactured in a world class pharmaceutical grade facility that enables the safe, transparent and contaminant-free production of dairy products . Meticulous and strict quality control measures throughout the entire manufacturing process enable us to guarantee its safety and integrity.

Using the latest packaging technology, transparent processes and pharmaceutical hygiene designs all our products made by BODCO are all filled and sealed in New Zealand for shipping to international markets.


We produce a variety of milk powder based products that support the specific nutritional needs of families around the world.